Rock On  Companies would like to thank everyone who has been or is an employee, customer, owner operator and vendor or is involved with us because we believe everyone has had a hand in our success!

As we move further down the road we continue to grow with more updated equipment, gps tracking dispatch system, electronic logs, computerized maintenance systems and many other improvements. It is our belief that hard work, dedication, integrity and honesty are still the back  bone of our company.

You need to be profitable and we need to be profitable. This can be achieved with fair rates, competitive bidding and SERVICE!

Thank you to our customers who still believe that SERVICE does count!

Rock On will continue to have up to date equipment made for the job. Aluminum End Dumps, Steel Rubble End Dumps, Side Dumps, Belly Dumps, Tri, Quad and Quint Dump trucks and Flat Beds.

We wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous new year!

Thank you and God Bless!

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